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I dont ship this

I don ship this

I do ship this

I d ship this

I ship this

I ship this so fucking hard.

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me: i love roleplaying
me: roleplaying is so fun
me: this is a fun time
me: takes 90 years to reply

Who knew

         your вløøđsтαίиєđ hands

                                                         could [ touch ] me

                                                                               so  g e n t l y ?

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» Wedding Plans (Elysium & Jenna)





He looked at the pictures and shoook his head “Mmh.. noo..I dont like any of these..”

"None of them at all?" Jenna echoed, laughing in disbelief as she looked over at him. "Not even the white ones?" 

He shrugged and shook his head “No.. ” He flipped the page and continued to look, nothing there either.. Next page he saw somthing nice “OH! Look!” It was a big bouquett of daisies “Thats nice..”

"Daisies?" Jenna raised an eyebrow at the image, though she kept on smiling at him. "For a wedding bouquet?" She paused for a moment, thinking about it. "Hmm…that might be kind of cute, actually. Just in small amounts. Here’s an idea, how about we put both of them together?"