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"Well that’s a bloody surprise. I know at least five that Aaron has turned. Soph’s maker is one of them, actually." Henry shrugged at that thought. "The ass has a legacy a mile long. If he were half as powerful as Vlad, he could start his own family even." 

"Somehow I’m not that surprised, knowing Aaron. What surprises me is that I didn’t know that until now." Jenna paused for a brief moment, drawing a breath. "Then I guess I’m lucky he doesn’t have that kind of power. Even if he did, I wouldn’t want any part of it. He’s not my family."


consume content that makes you feel like someone is holding your hand at three am when you’re crying and cant breathe and telling you that its okay and youre gonna make it. watch youtube videos and get attached to the creators, carry around that cd or wear that shirt from your favourite band like its armor. do whatever; life can be a lot easier when you feel not alone even if the people who make you feel happy are miles away or dont know who you are.